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PRO TO PRO ARTIST TRAINING- Full Day Lesson with Paddy McGurgan

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Pro 2 Pro is an opportunity for working artists to advance their skills creating looks of their own choice by training alongside Paddy. 


This one-day 1-to-1 training day is designed to provide an intense focus on perfecting two complete makeup looks of your choice.

Paddy will chat and bespoke the looks that you will create as he demonstrates as well as helps you recreate the look whilst showing and using as many techniques as possible to ensure you are equipped with new skills, techniques and confidence.

Not only will we help you stay ahead of your competitors with additional make up skills we will also assist on how to capture your work for your social media.

All products will be provided by makeup pro store giving you the opportunity to play with some of the highest performing formula’s and showing you how best to apply them on the face.

We can also provide a make-up model for you to build your creation and achieve the best possible finish for your looks.

Model Price List

Full Day

  • New face £70
  • Main Board £150 

Half Day

  • New face £45
  • Main Board £70

As Make Up Artists we always want to have the ability to perfect the Make up look requested by any of
our clients, our PRO 2 PRO Collection will help you to remove the fear of the unknown.

Many Artists struggle with certain areas within artistry and we want to leave you equipped with tailored knowledge on how to create the makeup of anyone who sits in your chair.

The following are just a suggestion of what we can focus on your PRO 2 PRO Collection, but again, this session is entirely tailored to you and your client/salon needs :
· Bridal Make Up
· Soft Glam
· Structured Spotlight Eye
· Blown Out Eye Look
· Half/Full Cut Crease Eye Look
· Formal Make Up
· Mature Make Up

The following can also be included in your one-day course however we need to know in advance so the appropriate models can be booked for your needs

  • Asian Make Up/Bridal
    · Ethnic Make U p
    · Body Painting (Extra for Full Body)
    · Festival Look
    · Vintage Look
    · Editorial Make Up
    · Fantasy/Creative Make Up
    · Drag Make Up Application
    · Special Effects Make Up
    · Mature Skin