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Graftobian Liquid Pain & Sorrow - 2 oz

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Liquid Pain and Sorrow Is an important staple in any makeup kit because it has so many uses, and too numerous to mention here. It can add that dewey effect with your makeup products, and it's humectant properties make it great to use for smoothing down flakey skin.

It can be applied with dropper for the tears effect, or mixed with water in a spray bottle for perspiration. This product retains a moist look, like real sweat or tears, for an extended period of time.

To create a trailing tear effect simply place a drop just at the inner corner of the eye (not inside the eye). To use for a sweat effect, simply apply with a sponge using a patting or stippling motion to leave the "beads of sweat" look. Or, mix product with equal amounts of distilled water and place into a spray bottle (making about 2 ounces at a time.)

Spray on face and body but avoid spraying it into the eyes. Using water mixed with the glycerin instead of using plain water will give your "sweat" longer stability in wear ,and won't evaporate away like plain water can.

TIP: this product is a great to use as both a thinner and texturizer for water based airbrush foundations, as it helps creates a semi-flat finish. Or, use it alone as a prep for very dry or peeling skins before a makeup application.