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Depixym Cosmetic Emulsion #0000 Clear

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This one is clear, dries matte and it does some really cool stuff...

It’s longwear, non-transfer, vegan, cruelty free, matte, blendable, mixable, waterproof… and it adds all those properties to your existing make-up!!  What more could you need?

You know when your lip colour goes flaky, and dry, and you end up in a right mess trying to sort it out? Well gone are those days. This remelts it, lets you move it around (or take it off) then it re-sets it again.

It can be used to blend down all of the other Cosmetic Emulsions, make them more of a ‘tint’ if you will. 

Done a fierce eye/lip line that’s gone a bit smudgy at the end? Use this product to neaten up the edges. Yep, it does that.

Just want to tame your hair? Pop this on whichever of your hairy parts that needs controlling, wait for it to dry then go about your day.

It mixes in well with glitter and loose pigments, working as a kind of ‘glue’ if you will.

*This is by no means an exhaustive list of everything that this product can do… just a few ideas to get you going.